Cancellation Policy:

I respectfully request a minimum of 24-hours notice of intent to cancel a scheduled appointment. If an appointment is missed (no show) or is cancelled with less than 24-hours notice I reserve the right to charge for the missed appointment or a minimum of a $50.00 cancellation fee, whichever is greater. Cancellation fees are charged because special time has been set aside specifically for you. With advanced notice of cancellation these appointment times can often be filled by other clients. However, with little notice, filling a vacant appointment slot is more problematic and creates strain on the financial stability of the practice. Because life happens and we all get busy or forgetful from time to time I give you one missed appointment "freebie". After this free pass, situations will be subject to the cancellation policy and will be evaluated individually. Documented extenuating circumstances may be exempted from the cancellation fee. In the rare event that I have to cancel or reschedule an appointment you will receive 15% off the rescheduled treatment to compensate for the inconvenience to your time and schedule.


Late Arrivals:

I will make every effort to provide you with the full treatment you scheduled, however there are instances where this may not be possible. If another client is scheduled immediately after you I will be unable to complete the requested treatment as I need to be respectful of his or her time as well. If you find you are running late, please call so we can determine together if we can complete the scheduled treatment, give an abbreviated treatment, or if it would be best to reschedule your session for another day. As with cancelled appointments, I reserve the right to charge for the complete time/treatment scheduled regardless of time or treatment given. I give one "freebie" with this as well. After this each subsequent late arrival incurs the full session charges.



Payment is expected in full on the day that services are rendered unless prior arrangements have been made. I currently accept cash, checks, paypal, and credit. I use square for credit card processing and this allows me to accept most major credit and debit cards including visa, mastercard, discover, and American express. If you are having financial difficulty please speak with me regarding payment plans, sliding scale options, or the "Blessings Basket" program so that you can continue with your treatment plan. Your health is important to me.



Thank you for your generosity, but tipping is not necessary. The best tip you can give is a referral or a repeat session. You receive the same great service whether you tip or not! As a healthcare professional I do not expect, nor base my income on tips. I would much rather have you take the money you would use as a tip to return for another session to enhance your health, recommend someone to the practice, or to place the money in the "Blessings Basket," my pay it forward program which provides massage or bodywork to people who need financial help to receive this work.



Clients recieving massage or bodywork will be clothed or properly draped at all times in accordance with state and local laws and to protect the privacy, modesty, and dignity of clients. Therapists will leave the room for clients to disrobe and will verbally confirm that the client is covered and client consents to treatment prior to entering the treatment room. Only body areas receiving massage or bodywork are uncovered during treatment. Specific permission and written consent will be obtained is conjunction with lymphedema, breast cancer work, and mastectomy scar massage of breast tissue or other sensitive areas. Clients will be treated with respect at all times.


Professional Boundries:

This is a professional therapeutic massage and wellness practice with a therapeutic intent. At no time will the therapist engage in a relationship of a sexual or romantic nature with a client.  Sexual advances and harassment will not be tolerated in the therapeutic environment. I reserve the right to disrupt or discontinue a therapy session at any time if I feel that either your or my own wellbeing is compromised. Thank you for respecting these guidelines.